12 February 2018

BEAUTY PEOPLE Absolute Lofty Girl Cushion Foundation

BEAUTY PEOPLE Absolute Lofty Girl Cushion Foundation
I love cushions. It's a sleepy, disoriented girls best friend. As a rule, it is easier to apply and blend out. Besides, there's something about the asian formula works way better for my skin. 

6 October 2017

Lottie London Selfie Ready Medium Coverage Matte Foundation

I have been eyeing Lottie London Selfie Ready Medium Coverage Matte Foundation
(the length of the name!) for while. A budget friendly foundation that is matte and holds up throughout the day? Yes, please. So, when it sneakily make its way into my shopping basket I was not surprised.

14 September 2017

Currently testing out

I love skincare. It's the best part of the day as you can remove all of your make up, apply a face mask, just relax and wind down from the day. These relaxing evenings are the best time to try out new products and find some great items. Today I wanted to share some of the latest skincare items I have been testing.

5 September 2017

Bloggers made my buy it

I would like to think that I am pretty immune to the blogger hype and subsequent need to have it. But sometimes even I succumb to the massive hypes going around and all of the following below are results of that moment of weakness...

29 August 2017

Etude House AC Clean Up Mild BB Cushion

 I love cushions. The small compact that is comfortable to carry with you, has everything you need to apply it and usually works way better than usual foundation. Since the first time I tried Korean cushions, they become the product I carry with me and reach for first. And there's the fact that the usual foundation doesn’t seem to perform as good as Korean ones for my combination skin.